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The Energy Superpower

The Energy Superpower

A week before the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Konstantin Simonov published an exclusive book

The Vladimir Putin’s idea to turn Russia into an energy superpower has become one of the hottest subjects. Some believe that this is the only way Russia can cling to its standing in the modern political arena. Others criticize this concept saying it cements Russia’s focus on hydrocarbons.

The latter point of view is backed by the predictors, who assure us that oil and gas will be depleted soon and replaced by alternative types of fuel. Some claim that Russia will soon be squeezed out of the global oil and gas market and replaced by new production centers.

Such debates prove that the world of oil and gas is tightly bound with politics and thus is surrounded by many myths.

The new book by Konstantin Simonov attempts to separate the truth from fiction.

The author elucidates what stands behind the «energy superpower» term and gives answers to such questions as

  • does Russia have indeed competitors among other producers of oil and gas
  • how long will our resources last
  • should Russia plan long-term domination in the hydrocarbon market or the world will indeed see energy revolution and a switch to hydrogen

Director of the Center for Current Politics analyzes the current state of the Russia’s oil & gas industry, explains the causes and the effects of the state’s return to the industry, reflects on the most effective ways to develop the hydrocarbon industry in Russia.

The book dwells on geopolitical wars for oil and gas and the use of the «black gold» as an instrument for political games. The author points at the current and future position of Russia in the global energy market and its role in the impending conflicts between the key geopolitical players – the USA, China, India, and the European Union.

The author explains

  • who determines the price of oil
  • how long the high prices will last and who it is advantageous for
  • can the USA leave China without fuel
  • will the war for energy resources start in Central Asia

Konstantin Simonov kodaks the most dramatic choice that Russia has to make – between supplies to the west and to the east – that may determine the political future of our state.

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