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National Energy Security Fund (NESF)

The Fund was established in summer 2006 to study the influence of political factors on the energy industry and the effects of the oil & gas sector on the political processes in Russia. The NESF emerged from the Center for Current Politics as a detachment focusing solely on energy issues. Head of the Fund is Konstantin Simonov. He was also the president of the Center for Current Politics (CCP) since 2003 till 2008 years.

The National Energy Security Fund has pored on the following goals:

  • Analyses of oil & gas and power industries, political risks within the energy sector, geopolitical problems in connection with production of hydrocarbons and their supply to the global market, strategic development of companies, new production and transportation projects
  • Consulting on the influence of political factors on the oil & gas business, decision-making within Russian energy companies and government bodies dealing with the energy industry
  • Development of energy business concepts in Russia
  • PR services for oil & gas corporations
  • Analysis of images and reputations of energy corporations

Center for Current Politics has been studying oil & gas industry for many years. Particularly, the Center has been issuing regular survey «Fuel & Energy Complex and the Energy Policy of Russia» for six years (8 papers a year), weekly issues color bulletins «News of the Fuel & Energy Industry». These periodicals that have obtained the recognition of the oil & gas community will now be published under the new brand - NESF.



Dr Konstantin Simonov


Director General of the National Energy Security Fund


Majored in political sciences and economics at the Moscow State University. PhD in Political Science. In 1999, upheld thesis «Political Analysis within the System of Applied Political Science» at the Moscow State University. Has a master's degree in political sciences of the Manchester University. Associate professor for the theoretical political sciences department at the Moscow State University. The head of the department of economic political science of faculty of sociology and political science of Financial University at the Government of the Russian Federation. Since April 2014 he was assigned First Vice-Rector for External Communications of Financial University at the Government of the Russian Federation.

Has been engaged in political science and economic analysis for 15 years. In 2003 became chief of the Center for Current Politics. In summer 2006 founded and became head of The National Energy Security Fund.

Specializes in nonpublic politics, executive power of Russia, political risks, economic interests of political elites. His mission is to study economic aspects of the political processes and political aspects of the economic processes.

Author of many books and text-books.  

Has published over a thousand articles in Russian and foreign mass-media (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Izvestiya, Vremya Novostei, Gazeta, Neft Rossii, Neftegazovaya vertical, Mirovaya Energetika, Soobscheniye, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita and other) on home and foreign policy of Russia, energy and economics, outlook on the transformation of the Russian state. Since 2005 contributes to Vedomosti as regular columnist.

Actively participates in international forums and conferences on the development of the Russian oil & gas industry and the outlook on the Russian state.



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