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The Grand Gas Game: a 50-Year-Old Rivalry Between the USA and Europe

The Grand Gas Game: a 50-Year-Old Rivalry Between the USA and Europe

This book presents reflections on the evolution of the natural gas industry and a 50-year cooperation between the USSR (and, later, Russia) and Europe in this domain.

The book is based on factual information obtained from various sources, including archives, on conversations with gas industry veterans, and on analysis of events.

Today’s developments regarding US sanctions, media hype about new gas pipelines to transmit Russian gas to Europe and Russia’s gas supplies are strikingly similar to what was going on 30, 40, or 50 years ago.

One of notable features of this work is an attempt made by the authors to explore and analyze the decision-making process in both the USSR and Europe amidst a powerful political and sanctions-related pressure on the part of the US.

The book is largely focused on the construction of the Urengoy — Pomary — Uzhgorod gas pipeline, especially on the decision-making process, so far as it relates to the construction, design, and equipment procurement.

This book is dedicated to the men and women who, faced with complications of the Cold War and dramatic ideological and cultural differences, still managed to conclude a major gas deal that established a firm and reliable bond between Russia and Europe.

The educatory value of this book is not limited to its historical content alone, as it also touches upon various political and economic issues.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction


  • Chapter 1. Soviet Gas Enters Europe

  • Chapter 2. Project of the Century: From Urengoy to Alsace

    • The Iranian Contract and Its Failure Due to the Islamic Revolution
    • Iranian Gas Pipeline No.2
    • Compressor Plant Boom
    • Gas Independent of Oil. Negotiations in 1978–1981
    • A Soviet Pipeline “Made in West Germany.” A Story Told by Yuri Zaytsev
    • Contracts for the Purchase of Urengoy Gas
    • “Chicken Littles” are in Fact Tough Nuts to Crack
    • A Trade War between NATO Countries
    • Nationwide Construction under the “Project of the Century”
  • Chapter 3. The US’ Role in the “Gas Triangle.” Sanction Terror

    • The 1970s: Business Stronger Than Politics
    • The Early 1980s: Politicians Strike Back. Pipeline Wars
    • A Trojan Horse for Poland. The West’s Credit Weapon
    • The US against the “Project of the Century"
    • Reason Temporarily Prevails: Lifting of Reagan’s Sanctions
  • Chapter 4. Gas Flows from Russia. History Repeats Itself, This Time as a Farce

    • The Energy Superpower
    • The “Ukraine Is Not Russia” Project
    • From a North European Pipeline to Nord Stream
    • The South European Gas Ring vs Nabucco
    • Silvio Berlusconi’s Political “Assassination”
    • Erdogan’s Evolution. How TurkStream Resurrected Nord Stream 2
    • The United States against Nord Stream 2. From the Love for the Game to Promotion of American LNG
    • Washington’s Anti-Russian Sanctions Hit Europe
  • Conclusion

  • Appendices

  • About the Authors

  • Photo Archive

The book is also available in Russian, French and German.

If you are interested to obtain please contact » Elena Kim
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