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Date Venue Host Event Speech topic
2020 year
February, 20-21 Milan, Genoa, Italy The Association Conoscere Eurasia, the Roscongress Foundation 

VIII Russian-Italian seminar in Milan & IV Russian-Italian seminar in Genoa

2018 year
April, 11-13 Minsk, Belarus The Association Conoscere Eurasia, the Roscongress Foundation and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum The International Conference "Central and Eastern Europe Oil and Gas Markets"  
2017 year
October, 19-20 Verona, Italy The Association Conoscere Eurasia, the Roscongress Foundation and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum The X Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona Prospects of the Energy Sector in the Greater Eurasia
October, 9-10 Athens, Greece The Economist

The EU-Eurasia-China Business Summit

October, 3-7 Moscow, Russia The Foudation "Roscongress" Russian Energy Week 2017  
October, 3-6 St.Petersburg, Russia Expoforum The 7th St.Petersburg International Gas Forum  
Jule, 9-13 İstanbul, Turkey WPC 22nd World Petroleum Congress  
May, 30 Moscow, Russia

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Russia–China Friendship Association and CREON Energy

Third International Conference "Russia and China: Taking on a New Quality of Bilateral Relations"

May, 18 Moscow, Russia RPI The 13th International Technical Workshop "Designing, Construction & Operation of Onshore and Subsea Pipelines: Current Technology Challenges - 2017"  
May, 14-17 Perth, Australia APPEA Conference "The voice of Australia's oil & gas industry"  
February, 17 Genoa, Italy Association "Conoscere Eurasia", the Fund "Roskongress"  I Russian-Italian seminar  
February, 16 Milan, Italy Association "Conoscere Eurasia", the Fund "Roskongress" and the Consulate General of Russia in Milan Seminar "Russia and Italy: the art of innovation"  
January, 11 Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirates

Gulf Intelligence

UAE Energy Forum "Energy Outlook 2017: to Return to Balance, or Not to Balance?"  
2016 year
December, 5 Budapest, Hungary   The Budapest Energy Summit 2016

Natural Gas Market in the EU: Pipeline versus or plus LNG?

December, 2 Moscow, Russia


Conference "The future shape of the global energy sector: new challenges, priorities and opportunities"  
October, 20-21 Verona, Italy
Association "Conoscere Eurasia", Roscongress, Intesa Sanpaolo, Gazprombank 
V Eurasian Forum "The Art of Innovation" The energy market – outlook for 2020
October, 8-11 Seoul, Korea Chatham House, the JoongAng Ilbo and the Future Consensus Institute (Yeosijae)

The 2016 J Global-Chatham House-FCI Forum: Strategy and Vision for 21st Century Eurasia

October, 5 Vienna, Austria The Economist Events / Hazlis & Rivas the 5th EU-Southeast Europe Summit "EXPLORING PATHS TO PROSPERITY"
Pipeline projects in the southern corridor and their significance
September, 21-22 Tyumen, Russia the Government of Tyumen Region, the Ministry of Energy, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Tyumen Oil & Gas Innovation Forum  
June, 23 Berlin, Germany

The Russian Gas Society

The international conference "Energy Dialogue Russia-EU: Gas Aspect" Nord Stream and Ukraine: Commercial Competition
April, 28 Moscow, Russia RPI International Tecnhincal Symposium "Pipeline Transport - 2016"   
April, 19-20  Moscow, Russia the Russian Ministry of Energy  III National Oil & Gas Forum  
March, 10-11 Belgrade, Serbia Color Press Group Forum: Energy problems & perspectives 

World Energy Future : Fighting Concepts

2015 year
November, 11 Moscow, Russia Business Dynamics The Summit "Exploration and Production 2015" Russian oil and gas complex under the conditions of sanctions: the first result
October, 14-15 Sofia, Bulgaria The Economist Events

The Fourth EU-Southeast Europe Summit

April, 13-17 Minsk, Belarus Confidence Capital, LTD

Belarusian Oil and Gas Week

Strategic prospects of cooperation
Russia and Belarus in the oil sector
March, 26-27 Moscow, Russia Confidence Capital, LTD Energy Market Analysis Forum The future of the global oil market and key pricing factors
January, 22-23 Athens, Greece Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, NATO The Conference "Back to the Cold War or forward to a stable relationship? Political and energy relations between Russia and the West in the Black Sea"   
2014 year
December, 3-4 Moscow, Russia Adam Smith Conferences 2nd Annual Forum "Unconventional Oil&EOR Russia"  
October, 30-31 Athens, Greece The Institute of Geopolitical Studies “National Regeneration” The Conference “The Security of Europe: A New Geopolitical Dimension” Energy Security of Europe
October, 28-29 Seoul, Repablic of Corea  KNDA & KONJIAM RESORT
2014 Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative Forum
Energy Security
October, 27-31  St.Petersburg, Russia   Confidence Capital   Baltic Oil and Gas Week Independent oil production and refining in Russia: Problems, Trends, Prospects
September, 17-18 Tyumen, Russia Tyumen Region Government 
Committee on Innovation of the Tyumen region 

V Tyumen International Innovation Forum "NEFTGAZTEK"

Jule, 9-10 Athens, Greece  Hazlis & Rivas
18th Roundtable with the Government of Greece "The big rethink for Europe - The big turning point for Greece"  
April, 24 Paris, France Franco-Russian Analytical Center Observatory, IRIS, MEDEF International The Second Annual Conference for French-Russian relations Future of the Russian energy sector and cooperation with France
March, 13-14 Moscow Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, supported by the Russian Gas Association and the Russian Energy Ministry  The first International Congress ”LNG Congress Russia 2014: Innovative development path of Russia’s gas industry”  
March, 3-6 Singapore Informa Energy & IBC Energy Home The 3td Annual LNGgc Asia Pacific 2014 Russia: Liberalizing LNG Exports & Monetizing Gas Fields
February, 5 Brussels, Belgium The Brussels Energy Club Club Meeting  Alleviating the EU’s rocky road: a firmer Kiev-Moscow partnership ahead
2013 year
October, 4 Budapest, Hungary Central European University International Conference "The End of the Pipeline Saga? Southern Corridor and South Stream in the Making"   
Jule, 9-11 Sochi, Russia

GDS International

NG Oil & Gas Summit RUS/CIS 2013  
April, 26-27 Budapest, Hungary MANFRED WÖRNER FOUNDATION International Conference "Russia in the second decade of the 21st century: challenges and opportunities"   
April, 18 Paris, France French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Conference "France-Russia: prospects of strategic partnership" and presentation of the French edition of the first "Annual report Russia 2013" Observo's Analytical center  
February, 20 Seoul, Korea MK Media Group MBN Forum 2013  
2012 year
December, 5-9 St.Peterburg, Russia Interregional Non-governmental Organization «Association of Polar Explorers» International Forum “Arctic: Today And The Future”  
November, 29-30 London, UK Chatham House International Conference "Rebalancing the World Energy Markets: The role of China, Russia and Central Asia" The Energy Factor in Sino-Russian Relations
November, 22 St.Peterburg, Russia   International Conference "Eastern Policy of the EU in the context of Russian-Polish dialogue" Prospects for energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea
October, 1 Brussels, Belgium   Russian-European energy forum  
Jule, 5 St.Peterburg, Russia GDS

NG Oil & Gas Summit Russia and CIS 

June, 14-15 Berlin, Germany

Discussion Club Valdai


International Conference “The new Eurasian Union integration process. How should the European Union react?”  
May, 28-29 Athens, Greece   Energy Stream CMG GmbH 2012 Mediterranean Oil & Gas Conference

 Russia and Europe: Time of Strategic Choice

April, 13 Paris, France IFRI Roundtable "The Role of Azerbaijan in the European Energy Security Strategy"

 The Role of Azerbaijan and Russia in the European Energy Security Strategy

March, 28-29 Athens Vouliagmeni, Greece Economist Conferences Investment Energy Summit Greece, Cyprus, Israel
"Re-designing the European energy map"
 Russia and Europe: Battle or Cooperation?
March, 23-25 Pittsburgh, USA University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Russia Today: Economy, Technology, and People  Russia: Role of Oil and Gas Industry
March, 15-16 Warsaw, Poland Most Wanted! Conferences International Conference "Gas: Russia, Poland, Europe"  The Role of Russia in Security of Gas Supplies to the Europe
Feb, 21-22 London, UK Energy Institute, London International Petroleum (IP) Week 2012
2011 year
Nov, 14 Nicosia, Cyprus Hazlis & Rivas Fourth Energy Summit «Sustainable, competitive and secure energy in Europe»  Critical Decisions for the Pipelines
Nov, 10-11 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia Energy Stream CMG GmbH, TGI International Group 2011 South East European Oil & Gas Conference  South of Europe: Battle of Pipes
Sep, 26 – 29 London, UK LNG Global Congress LNG Global Congress  Russian LNG: Geopolitical Focus
June, 6 – 8 Dubrovnik, Croatia Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, in cooperation with the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik PETROLEUM ENGINEERING SUMMER SCHOOL «Energy Security and Energy Supply, Health, Safety and Environmental Protection» Role of Russia in European Energy Security after Arabian
Revolutions and Fukushima
May, 13
– June, 1
Warsaw, Poland Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Under the Honorary Patronage of Mr Grzegorz Schetyna,
President of the Polish Parliament
6th Europe - Russia Forum PDF Russia 2010. Report on Transformation
May, 30 – 31 Warsaw, Poland "Most Wanted!" International Conference Gas and Nuclear Energy Forum 2011  
May, 25 – 27 Paris, France The Energy Exchange CISO&G Summit 2011 Russia-EU Energy Relations After North African Revolutions: a Chance for “Reset”
March, 28 – 29 London, UK Chatham House Russian Oil and Gas: New Trends and Implications   Foreign Investment in Russia’s Hydrocarbon Sector
Feb, 21 Moscow, Russia  Center for Transatlantic Relations The Roundtable "Actual problems of the European Power" The future of the European gas market: whether expectations are justified?
2010 year
Dec, 9 – 10 Washington, DC, USA  Center for Transatlantic Relations The International Conference "Forging a Transatlantic Consensus on Russia" Is a US-EU-Russia Partnership for Energy Sustainability Possible?
Dec, 1 – 2 Warsaw, Poland Terrapinn Shale Gas World Europe 2010  The Geopolitics of Shale Gas
Nov, 26 St.Peterburg, Russia   The International Conference "The Poland’s EU Presidency and Prospects for the EU’s Eastern Policy" The economic and energy cooperation in the framework of the Eastern Partnership
Oct, 7 – 8 Budapest, Hungary The Manfred Wörner Foundation for Security in Democratic Societies,  The Central European University The International Expert Conference "Ukraine – lost in transition?"  
Sep, 22 Warsaw, Poland   8th International OIL & GAS 2010 Conference  Future of European Gas Market
Sep, 15 – 16 Baku, Azerbaijan Terrapinn Gas Infrastructure World Caspian - 2010  Nabucco and South Sream: Needless Competition
Jule, 16 Ekaterinburg, Russia Sverdlovsk Region government The International Ural Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation «INNOPROM —  2010» Innovations in energy efficiency
June, 29 Athens, Greece Energy Stream CMG 2010 Mediterranean Oil &Gas Conference  Competition of Russian and European Pipeline Projects: Unnecessary Risks
June, 18 Dubrovnik, Croatia University of Zagreb, Croatia Petroleum Engineering Summer School “Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbon Reserves from Unconventional Deposits”  The role of Russia in global energy supply
May, 19 – 21 Paris, France The Energy Exchange CISO&G Summit 2010  "Russia and Europe on the Threshold of Mutual Mistake: the Results of European Politics on Energy Suppliers’ Diversification and Russian Politics on Supplies Diversification"
Mar, 30 Moscow "Gazprom promgaz" United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Gas Work Group Session  "European Gas Market: Diversified False Start?"
Feb, 16 – 18 Brussels, Belgium The EastWest Institute Seventh Worldwide Security Conference Global Energy Security
Feb, 12 – 13 Krasnoyarsk, Russia The government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory VIIth Economical Forum of Krasnoyarsk How should Russia make use of the asian trend? Which is our competitive advantage?
Feb, 1 – 4 Novgorod, Russia   The Winter School "The Euroatlantic space: tendencies, institutes, interests" The USA energy policy in Europe: Real Purposes and Strategic Interests
Jan, 26 – 28 Vienna, Austria The Energy Exchange The European Gas conference 2010 Russia, Ukraine and EU: the key gas triangle
2009 year
Dec, 17 Moscow, Russia At the initiative of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Interdepartmental Working Group on innovative legislation by the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and National Strategic Projects Agency The Internashional Energy Forum "Innovations. Infrastructure. Safety" The power policy of Russia - the competitiveness factor
Dec, 02 Moscow, Russia NESF The Roundtable "Metanophobia: the new illness of Europe" PDF Metanophobia: the new illness of Europe (in Russian)
Nov, 26 – 27 Warsaw, Poland www.mosrwanted.pi The international conference "Gas Summit - Gas Market 2009" Gas transit through Ukraine
Nov, 15 – 17 Budapest, Hungary

4th Energy Forum Russian Energy Strategy and the New Economic Realities
Oct, 20 – 22 Moscow, Russia The Energy Exchange 11th Annual Meeting, Oil and gas transportation in the CIS and Caspian Region Further development for the oil pipeline system for Caspian gas
Oct, 19 Belgrad, Serbia ISAK Fund The Third Roundtable of the Monitoring Russia – Serbia Relations Project The Russian power interests in southeast Europe
Sep, 14 Yaroslavl, Russia Under the aegis of the President of the Russian Federation The international conference "The Modern state and Global safety" Social responsibility of the modern state as the factor of global stability
Sep, 09 – 12 Krynica, Poland Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies 19th Economic Forum The Russian-Ukrainian gas relations
Jul, 16 St. Petersburg, Russia The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in St. Petersburg Russia, NATO, and Future of European Security Architecture (Summerschool for young scientists and politicians from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Germany) Security in the High North: towards cooperation or confrontation?
Jun, 19 London, UK Le Cercle International Conference "From Hard Power to Soft Power – a New World Order?" "Russia: cooperative friend or angry foe – the challenge of the "near abroad"
Jun, 18 Dubrovnik, Croatia Inter-University Center Petroleum Ingineering Summer School «Production Operations - Surface Facilities for Transport, Water Handling and Discharge" Energy Geopolitics and the Future of Russian Oil and Gas Export
May, 28 Paris, France The Energy Exchange The CIS Oil & Gas Summit (Russia, Ukraine, The Caspian & Central Asia) Exports from Russia to International Markets
May, 27 London, UK CWC Group International Conference “Changing Priorities in the Present World Environment” “The Shifting Balance of Power”
May, 25 – 27 Bucharest, Romania Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies 5th Europe-Russia Economic Forum “Russia 2008. Report on Transformation”
May, 12 Athens, Greece Financial Times The Athens Summit 2009 “The Road to Copenhagen: Managing Climate Change & Energy Security in Southeast Europe and Beyond” Delivering Energy Security to Europe and Beyond
Apr, 17 – 18 Berlin, Germany Aspen Institute Italia Conference “Europe on the edge: the weak links and the Russia link” Russia and Europe: Energy policy “reset”. New agenda
Mar, 9 – 11 Amsterdam, Netherlands ICBI-Conferences Annual gas & LNG conference “Flame 2009 “The Energy Superpower”: Exploring Russia’s Position In The Global Energy Market”
Feb, 25 – 27 Tokyo, Japan LPG Center of Japan International LP Gas Seminar 2009 Tokyo “Future of Sakhalin Projects”
Feb, 19 – 20 Novgorod, Russia Baltic dialogue “Foreign Policy Concept of Russia and the formation of European security architecture” “Russian Energy Policy”
Feb, 6 – 7 Venice, Italy Confindustria Winter University Conference “Recources for the future” “The resource cycle: raw materials and energy”
Jan, 27 – 29 Vienna, Austria The Energy Exchange Ltd The European Gas Conference 2009 Russia and Europe: in Useless Search of Diversification
Jan, 19 Rome, Italy Italianieuropei - Fondalizione di cultura politica International Round Table “Russia and Global Agenda” “The energy security conundrum: state of the art and perspectives”
2008 year
Nov, 10 – 12 London, UK The Wilton Park European Energy Security and models of market organisation Russian Perspectives on the Supply of Gas to Europe
Oct, 27 – 29 Budapest, Republic of Hungary Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies, Constellation Energy Institute 3rd Energy Forum Konstantin Simonov is a chairman of round table “EU and Russia: Bilateral Relations in the Energy Context
Oct, 14 – 16 Moscow, Russia The Energy Exchange Ltd Oil & Gas Transportation in the CIS & Caspian Region, 10th Anniversary Meeting The Future of Russian O&G Export
Sep, 10 – 13 Krynica, Poland Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies 18th Economic Forum “European Dilemmas: Central Europe - an Active Partner or Passive Spectator?” The problems of Russian hydrocarbons transit to Europe: with or without Ukraine
Sep, 7 – 9 Prague, Czech Republic Prague Security Studies Institute International conference “Asia-Pacific Security Challenges: Implications for Europe and the Atlantic Alliance” Russia and India&China Prospects of Energy Cooperation
June, 4 – 6 Dresden, Germany NESF, Center for Social and Ñonservative Policies, Konrad Adenauer Fund The first forum “Energy Security” The Russian energy policy
May, 14 – 16 Rome, Italy Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies 4th Europe-Russia Economic Forum Russia 2007. Report on Transformation
Apr, 23 – 24 London, UK SMi LNG 2008. The Future for LNG: Where is the Industry Going Prospects for development of LNG in Russia
Apr, 8 – 10 Saint-Petersburg, Russia Restec The 8th Saint-Petersburg International Energy Forum The legislative framework on Russian offshore and prospects of partnership of Russian and foreign companies
Apr, 4 Penza, Russia Government of Penza Region Meeting with Vasily Bochkarev, the governor of Penza Region “Creation and application of effective government concept in Penza Region”
Jan, 23 – 25 Vienna, Austria The Energy Exchange Ltd The European Gas Conference 2008 Russia and the EU: Gas Partners or Rivals?
2007 year
Dec, 5 – 7 Beijing, China Confidence Energy The Fourth Sino-Russo-Kazakh Oil & Gas Forum Prospects of Russian gas export to China: political and economic aspects
Nov, 22 – 23 Paris, France Institute for Security Studyies in the European Union (EUISS) EUISS Annual Conference “Effective Multilateralism. Engaging with the New Global Players” Russia, Renewables, Ecology, Green Energy
Nov, 14 Kiev, Ukraine Russia-Ukrainian Information Center, Business magazine “Expert Ukraine” International conference “Ukraine-Russia: new decade of Great Contract” Energy cooperation between Russia and Ukraine: the valuation of gas prices
Nov, 4 – 6 Prague, Czech Republic Warsaw Institute for East European Studies 2nd Energy Forum Konstantin Simonov was a chairman of round table “Energy dialog between post-Soviet countries and the EU, problems of hydrocarbons transit to Europe
Oct, 18 – 20 Penza, Russia Government of Penza Region Investment Forum of Penza Region “Investment in growth of the region - pooling of interests” Konstantin Simonov was a chairman of round table “Alternative Energy
Sep, 24 – 28 Jurmala, Latvia Wilton Park Energy Security In The European Union: The Eastern And Baltic Dimension The Role of Energy in Russian Foreign Policy
Sep, 18 – 20 Vienna, Austria The Energy Exchange Ltd Oil & Gas Transportation in the CIS And Caspian Region Political Problems Oil & Gas Export to Europe
Sep, 5 – 8 Krynica, Poland   XVII World Economic Forum “Europe - crisis, changes or chance?” Russian Federation. Fight for Power on the Eve of Presidential Elections in 2008” – NESF prepared the chapter (PDF 770 KB) in report “New Europe 2007. Report on Transformation
Jun, 25 – 30 Tokio, Japan Eco & Energy Corporation Japanese Trunk-line Seminar in Tokyo Political risks of Sakhalin projects development
Jun, 21 Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region, Russia   V. Putin’s meeting with the All-Russian Conference of Social Studies Teachers.

One of the topics the attendants discussed was the pilot project of a book for teachers entitled “Social Studies. The World in the 21st Century” (page in russian) co-wrote by K.Simonov.

K.Simonov shared his views on energy sovereignty and resources’ provision from the standpoint of social studies teaching with the president.

May, 14 – 15 London, UK Chatham House The New Politics of Energy. Europe in a Global Context Energy in Russian Foreign Policy
May, 10 – 11 Istambul, Turkey   Forum Istanbul 2007: Turkey’s Future Roadmap in a Rapidly Changing World Perspectives of Energy Cooperation between Turkey and Russia
Apr, 22 – 24 Vienna, Austria Warsaw Institute for East European Studies III Europe−Russia Economic Forum Russia 2006. Report on Transformation” The book studies the main events in Russian politics and economy in 2006, analyzes the problem of power succession and takes a look into the future political regime after Vladimir Putin’s resignation.
Feb, 14 – 15 London, UK SMi 9th Annual Conference on LNG 2007 Energy Superpower on LNG Market
2006 year
Nov, 16 – 17 Moscow, Russia   IV International oil-and-gas forum “Russian oil: present and future” Three Fives” concept for Russia


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