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The fuel and energy complex of Russia - Series of analytical reports

The NESF presents a series of analysis reports devoted to development problems of Russian Oil and Gas Complex, mechanism of decision-making process in Russian policy, situation in key institutes of executive authority, redistribution processes within powerful authorities.

Our subscribers have an opportunity to be deeply informed on situation in Russian oil and gas complex and development strategies of connected with it oil, gas and electric power industries.

All materials and sources used for issuing the reports are thoroughly verified and analyzed by our experts. The information of NESF is based on industry statistics, data of oil and gas companies, information of federal and regional mass-media, materials of conferences and round tables.

The series consists of 8 reports which are issued within February-December of every year.

Petrochemistry: Rocky Road to Advanced Processing

Petrochemistry: Rocky Road to Advanced Processing

For years now we have heard the mantra that it is wrong to export crude oil and unprocessed natural gas. That they, in fact, ought to be processed and that finished products ought to be sold. This task, however, is not that trivial. The market for petrochemistry is a separate world and one has to understand if there is a place for our products there. The question is not only if there is enough production capacity; the trouble is there might not be unoccupied market niches. The new NESF report provides an understanding of what the structure of this industry is like today; exactly what products are in demand; what will be in demand in the near future; and whether Russia’s strategy is correct.
World LNG market: Russia, its main competitors

World LNG market: Russia, its main competitors

There is a widespread opinion that the gas market is going through irreversible changes. LNG is said to become the main driver of changes; it will tie regional markets of America, Europe and Asia with each other. At present, however, piped gas imports are twice as large as LNG imports. Yet, it would be unwise to deny that LNG is one of the most dynamic segments of the gas market.
Three years under sanctions: their influence on Russia’s fuel and energy sector

Three years under sanctions: their influence on Russia’s fuel and energy sector

Time flies. It has been three years since spring 2014 when Crimea came back to Russia, which was practically immediately followed by anti-Russia sanctions. They affected directly the country’s oil and gas industry that is the main sector of the Russian economy. Sanctions have been in force for quite a while, and it is possible to analyze how Russia’s oil and gas sector has adjusted to sanctions, how fatal are losses of the sector, and how sanctions have influenced the resolve of foreign companies to work in Russia.
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Analytical series “The Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia”:

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