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Consulting services

The Fund  in own consulting practice emphasizes the political aspects of the development of the Russian energy industry. In Russia there are many opportunities for companies but to use them they should be properly and objectively assess political risks.

NESF helps its clients to deal skilfully with problems related to government regulation in the oil and gas sector.

We suggest to our clients:

  • Consulting services on the impact of political factors on the development of oil and gas business
  • Consulting services on decision-making process in Russian energy companies and power authorities for development of the industry
  • Consulting services on development concepts for energy business in Russia
  • PR promotion of activities of oil and gas corporations
  • Image and reputation analysis of energy corporations
  • Holding corporate educational seminars

Among our customers for these services :

  • Wintershall AG
  • ExxonMobil
  • Chevron
  • ConocoPhilips
  • Eni
  • TNK-BP

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Consulting services, political risks assessment on the Fuel & Energy Industry, concern of pilitical and economic Elite within the Oil-and-Gas sector.
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