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State regulation of the oil and gas sector in 2017, prospects for 2018

State regulation of the oil and gas sector in 2017, prospects for 2018

NESF traditionally concludes the year with its final report that sums up main events and tendencies of the year.

The report analyzes preliminary production results, main state decisions concerning the sector, battles for property, changes in export policies, and, certainly, medium-term forecasts of development of the sector.

In the report you will find answers to the following questions:

  • OPEC+ deal, its impact on the sector

    • How has oil production by Russian companies changed?
    • Strategies of VIOCs; the most affected producers
  • Financial results of the year for oil and gas companies

    • Revenues and corporate debts
  • New sanctions; their impact on Russia’s oil and gas sector

    • Their influence on access to credits and technologies
    • Offshore and tight oil projects
    • Nonresidents in Russia’s FES
  • Tax policies in 2017

    • Another wasted year?
    • Champions and losers in battles for tax preferences
  • Russian exports, new transportation projects

    • Changes in the country structure of oil exports
    • New gas records
  • Struggle for property

    • New victims of Rosneft
    • Chinese entities in the Russian oil and gas sector
  • Expectations from 2018

    • Withdrawal from the OPEC+ deal
    • A new Cabinet structure, the fate of the excess profit tax, battles for bypassing gas pipelines, LNG vs. piped gas

Contents of the report:

Introduction 3
Chapter 1. OPEC + deal and production strategies of oil and gas companies 5
Chapter 2. Russian oil and gas companies amid new and old sanctions 20
Chapter 3. Export flows 33
Chapter 4. New wave of privatization: Rosneft vs. everybody 41
Prospects of developments in 2018 47
Date of release: January 18, 2018

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State regulation of the oil and gas sector in 2017, prospects for 2018
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