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Sanctions Against Russian Oil and Gas: Coil Tightening

Sanctions Against Russian Oil and Gas: Coil Tightening

The optimistic forecast about the development of relations with the US has not come to pass. Not only Western sanctions have not been lifted, but they have been made even heavier.

The latest “strike” was inclusion of Russian legal entities and individuals in an SDN list. There are not many fuel and energy companies on the list, but there are persons on it who are significant for the industry. Besides, the list is definitely not closed.

Our report will explain what exact projects have already been frozen. How the new sanctions work. Where Russian companies look for funding. Whether non-residents are scared. How the industry views and experiences sanctions. Whether they have become a disaster.

In the report you will find answers to the following questions:

  • The impact of sanctions on the financial position of Russian companies

    • How sanctions have affected lending support for Russian oil and gas corporations
    • Where companies get resources for investment
  • Sanctions and upstream

    • Analysis of launched greenfield projects: why sanctions have so far not affected production
    • What will happen next: to the Bazhenov, Domanik, and Khadum formations, the continental shelf
    • New technological solutions: sanctions a brake or a catalyst?
    • How quickly is proprietary technology for producing hard-to-recover reserves being created in Russia?
  • Participation of Western investors in upstream oil projects in Russia

    • Are non-residents fleeing?
    • A map of active projects
  • Fire at pipelines

    • The gas industry under sanctions
    • The impact of sanctions on gas production and especially export
    • The US fight against pipeline projects
    • Why have sanctions not been imposed on LNG production technologies?
  • The fight for the oil service market in the context of sanctions

    • Dependence on foreign service companies
    • The proportion of foreign equipment in the Russian oil and gas industry
  • A medium-term forecast of developments

Contents of the report:

Introduction 3
Chapter 1. Evolution of Financial Sanctions against Russia, Their Influence on Russian Oil and Gas Companies 5
Financial Sanctions by Country 5
Financial Sanctions by Country 12
Financial Sanctions by Country 25
Chapter 2. Oil Production in Russia during Sanctions Wars 33
Chapter 3. ‘Untouchable Gas’: Russian Gas Industry in New Round of Sanctions 52
Chapter 4. Fight for Oil Service Market in Context of Sanctions 64
Forecast of Developments 73
Date of release: June 25, 2018

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