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Hydrogen Agenda in Russia during Economic War with West

Hydrogen Agenda in Russia during Economic War with West

A number of nations already view hydrogen as the dominating scenario of the future of the global energy sector. Notwithstanding the fact that there is no global hydrogen market to date; that demand for it is highly local; and that many technological problems have not been solved.

Hydrogen euphoria was also observed in Russia. A huge number of government documents were passed that were intended to encourage the beginning of industrial production of hydrogen in Russia. The government even compiled an Atlas of hydrogen production projects; the establishment of entire hydrogen clusters was announced.

Developments since 24 February have caused a U-turn. One may now forget about plans to export hydrogen to the EU, just like ideas of technological partnership with the “collective West”.

However, the subject of hydrogen is by no means dead. The Cabinet is not removing hydrogen production from the agenda. Supporters of the export strategy assure that China’s market will be quite enough. Other lobbyists argue that reliance must be on developing domestic consumption and that new demand must be created, if virtually from scratch. After all, hydrogen is an opportunity to obtain and distribute government subsidies. This is also of interest to quite a few corporations that keep on defending hydrogen too.

The new report describes the following hydrogen subjects:

Main strategic documents on hydrogen

  • Including the Atlas of Hydrogen Projects and the Concept and Plan of Measures to Develop Hydrogen Energy in Russia
  • How much reality is there in the nice texts?

Key regulators of the hydrogen sector and their approaches

Corporate interests in hydrogen

  • Struggle for the hydrogen agenda moderator status
  • Hydrogen lobbyists vs. hydrogen sceptics

Hydrogen subject after 24 February

  • Changed position of companies and government ministries
  • Urgent revision of documents
  • What awaits the hydrogen project in the near future?
  • Are there chances of government support and in what form?

Contents of the report:

Concept of Development of Electric Power Storage Systems Market in Russia 5
Russian Energy Strategy to 2035 5
Action Plan ‘Hydrogen Energy Development in the Russian Federation’ 6
Concept of Hydrogen Energy Development in the Russian Federation 7
Government Programme ‘Energy Development’ 9
Atlas of Russian Projects to Produce Low-carbon and Carbon-free Hydrogen and Ammonia 11
Russian Low-carbon Development Strategy 17
Comprehensive Low-carbon Hydrogen Energy Development Programme and Technological Strategy for Hydrogen Energy Development 17
Key Plotlines of 'Hydrogen Hype' 19
Struggle for Hydrogen Policy Moderator Status 20
Hydrogen Sceptics 23
Situation with Regulators 25
Situation with Companies 26
Hopes for Revival of Hydrogen Industry Prospects 29
In Search of Export Markets 32
Date of release: August 9, 2022

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